Sweet Nectar by lmf

Brown mocha lips poked out
Drizzlin dark nectar open mouthed

Thickness sweeter than sugar

Slowly pushes down my wet throat

My mouth waters while I try to take in every bit

The yearning I feel is stressing

My neck aches with it cocked back waiting for the pour to finish

The stickiness droppin in gobs all over I catch what I can and feed myself what I can save

Not a drop I want to let go

They way I swallow is freakish

My mind commands me to eat this

I crave the enzymes the protein my body is soon to endure

Watch my muscles gulp it

Oh you may be askin

What is this nectar I’m freakin over

What has my heart skippin

My breast heavin

Has me twitchin like an addict which for this wheat colored treat I am..

Baby it’s honey…

Now lick me if you want some.

Posted by written by LaShanda MF 


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.