Pussay War by lmf


Versatile said:
I divide and conquer the pussy when I slide in it. We go back and forth   battling for top position to see who’s gonna win the war. You pull out all your tactics and tricks to make sure u get this dick. All i’ma have to do is give that clit a mean ole lick with something minty. Or maybe even sticky. I slide this dick in and out the pussy like its a battering ram trying to storm your castle walls. I’ll keep going even when u make it rain. I like being wet when I get into battle. I’m only concern with getting to that treasure u have hidden in your secret spot. And u best believe my dick is the key to any master lock.by V.B.

Shanda Said:
Shoni Treasure by lmf
Conquer these two lips
Sssip Me
Divide two moist lips by one
Battle me for this top spot
Come to me across this carpet
See me ready on all four
Come to me
Bring that third leg
Watch me make these cheeks clap
We so happy to see you
Ready for battle?
Come across this carpet and assualt the kittty
Smell the mint
Altoids fillin my throat with a burn
My tongue churns it
Waitin to put it on you
This is our destiny
I’m oiled
So slippery
Make it rain baby
Wash all this sticky yum yum away
Come lap up all this luxury
Feel the moon on your naked back
Cascading all the nights hunger
Cum hunt this good sh8t
Wet,wet,tasty bubble gum
Super wet pink clit
Don’t hault
You the master
Bring that key
Unlock this treasure
No slacker could measure
How much of this juicy you gonna enjoy
This right here is 12 grams of pleasure
Now drop all hesitation and get this guap. By LaShanda M.F.


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.