Plowed in(4) by lmf


As I cut into my steak the juices started to seep out the butter melted down the cut the medium rare meat was moist the heat rose to my nostrils and I took in the meat fragrance the spices made my mouth drool. I raised  my maple brown eyes to see what my appetizers were doing and to my delight they were drooling over each others nipples. I felt myself getting hungrier and tearing into another piece of meat then smothering it in the mandarin ginger dip I moaned at how the taste jumped around in my mouth. The two of them moaned as well and their booth seat rose so I could get a better view. Their hips twisted as they sucked each others nipples, licking, making slurp noises. Their crotchets panties were soaked but as I requested they could not satisfy each other so their juices dripped off the bourbon colored seat they straddled. I glanced around as I sipped my new glass of Merlot other tables had other appetizers doing all sorts of fun activities one duo gave each other anal as the couple they entertained ate a supper of swordfish another watched a blowjob and just as the other came in her face the jubilant couple popped a bottle of champagne. I brought my attention to my two vixens as I finished my main course. I called over my waiter requesting desert and Wan. Just as my triple layered ganache covered chocolate cake arrived to my table the Asian cunt just squirted over the midnight woman’s thigh. Wan came to the table handing them gold towels and they got up to leave the booth seat came down and set back into its normal setting.

Wan:” You ready?”

I wouldn’t have beckoned for you if I wasn’t now feed my pussy this cake and eat it.” She had her staff bring over a flowered changing board that covered just my area. She unbuttoned her jacket thru it to the table took the cake from the plate pushed up my cashmere dress until she saw my pussy plump and waiting then smeared the cake all over and inside of me it felt warm right out the oven I bit my bottom lip she dived in sucking the chocolate ganache right off my swollen clit. I climaxed twice the third time she rose from between my thighs with cake and cream from my spot all over her mouth, chin, and neck.

Wan stood in a daze her eyes full of lust mine lazy my pussy still jumping I pushed my dress down  she snapped her fingers and the dressing change boards were removed she took my white cloth napkin from the table to wipe her mouth her eyes never leaving mine.

Wan:” I misjudged you you taste better than any dessert I’ve ever served in my establishments. It’s a shame I let you get away from me. If there is nothing else I will see you another time.”

Maybe, I got up from the table wiped my thighs with a cloth napkin then thru it on the table. I took out $100.00 bill for my waiters tip and stuck it under his balls telling him my bill was paid by the owner Wan. Abdullah text me this time I replied thanking him for the meal from his wife flung my phone in my side bag and headed to my Tesla that I had messaged to come pick me up when I exited the door. As my self driving care drove off my cars messenger blew up I rolled the window down and lit a spliff….



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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.