Plowed in (2)by lmf

Abdullah was on my last nerve calling my phone, skpe, Marco Polo, what’s App, for days after the storm cleared. Like my kitchen my maid Maria had cleaned up so had I with him. I stood on the balcony of the Chloe Bistro in my plum cashmere sweater dress sipping on Merlot. I felt the heat of someone standing close behind me my nipples hardened. I didn’t turn but two cream colored hands slid on each side of the balcony railing with me in the middle. Two tennis diamond bracelets had lights jumping off of them I watched as the left slender hand came to the slit of my dress right above my knee gently rubbing then making circular motions up my thigh I subconsciously pushed my ass toward the heat the smell of Adore perfume filled my senses. I took the hand three inches from my wetness turned around looking deep into coal colored eyes.
Yes Wan…

Wan: “You look delicious and warm. It’s nine o’clock and you’re here and not in someone’s bubble bath, you must be anxious or just hungry.”

I’ve been thinking, you said if I ever can’t sleep to come and hit you back. So, I made reservations. Why are you stalling?

Wan: “Your table is ready follow the waiter. I know he’s sexy please no talking dirty we need him to finish his shift.”

Wan sauntered away in her Tom Ford navy blue suit six inch cobalt scrappy platform heels her long jet black hair  switching the opposite way her hips swayed. My waiter was a tall Italian  stallion dressed in just his waiters apron his back rippled with every movement as he motioned his hand to my booth. He took my hand so I could slide in and before me was my appetizers. One wore diamond tassels on her orange sized breast she smiled showing a large gap she kicked with her pierced tongue her slanted eyes looked at my cleavage. The other appetizer was just as tasty looking her midnight skin glistened under the low purple lights in the room. Her nipples were covered with bright red and yellow feathers. They smelled of lavender it calmed my nerves after being snowed in for a whole day. I needed thist so I smiled to myself as I opened my appetizers menu. The list of treats were long but I picked something light for the moment I still had to order my meal. I chose “Lucky Sticky” and Filet mignon over pilaf. My waiter came to collect the menus and placed my order. My appetizers then began to remove their tassels to start my treat…


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.