Plowed in by lmf

​As my silk robe slid down off me the silk kissing my perking nipple I felt a tingle go down my spine…I arched my back then cupped my breast taking my thumb and middle finger I rubbed my nipple between the pinching until my eyes teared. My cocoa butter thighs spread then my phone vibrated, a message from Abdullah flashed over the lock screen. My inner walls jumped I let my breast fall from my hand as I tapped my code in…oh I moaned to myself where was he it’s been forever he’s late! The first thing I saw before the rest of the sentence read,” Sexy I’m snowed in…” my bottom lip started to poke out as I turned to gaze out at the stark white roads I walked up the the cathedral high window in my living room and pressed my jojoba oiled body on the glass until the chill of the cold made my nipples diamond hard then exhaled then window took the heat away I made a cloud of precipitation drew a heart then an arrow through the oil print I made. The snow started to shower down thicker I slid my slender finger inside of my honey walls the juices flowing were getting thicker too I massaged my walls as I walked away from the lady in the jogger running up the path with her pug. She stopped mid run face flushed I know she was freezing until she saw my creamy heaven looking down at her. My Skype rang now I sucked my finger clean as I walked over to my kitchens island. “Yes?” 

Abdullah: “Stop pouting sexy, I would be inside you now if t wasn’t for this weather.” I saw his tall member in his hand then smirked.

 Why are you naked and calling me? 

 Abdullah: “Why are you naked and not making her squirt for me? Get that big toy that hangs like me and vibrates .”

 I turned around bending over for my ass cheeks to open. In my ass daddy? From behind me I heard him groan. I walked away from the screen view to retrieve my mini version of him. I noticed there were no batteries and melted into the floor. Damnit,no!

When I stepped in front of the screen I could see him stroking biting his bottom lip I  started licking my nipples spitting on them then licking. There’s no batteries Abdul but I have something close help me warm it up. I went to my oak colored fridge opened it and looked for a treat. There was no whip cream, what the hell I growled. Well, this is a healthier option I pulled out a long slender yellow squash.

Abdullah: ” The fuck!? ”

I started to drool on it….wet it from top to bottom while scooting on the black market too counter across from the screen h say up his duck bouncing out his grasp. He came so close to his screen he would fall through if he could. 

Abdullah: “Shit, baby omg!”

 I rubbed my clit looking him in his sea blue eyes spread myself wide open he just kept groaning trying to come thru the computer..his dreads swayed with every tank he gave himself. I felt the heat Ming from deep in side me I slid the squash in me bursting into sparks then squeals. I could hear him screaming is deep voice choke as he was climaxing. The squash fell from my hands as juices sprayed over my thighs the kitchen counter.

Abdullah: “Sexy,sexy damn, let me call an uber see if it can bring me to you! He whispered or if breath. I sat up seeing cum covering his screen sweat dripping from his brows. He reached for a towel started cleaning his jizz off. I slid off the counter losing my footing slipping on my juices. I straightened up wiped my forehead then turned off the screen.  A yawn took over me as I headed to my jacuzzi my phone rang as I put on Kelly Price and shut the door. By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.