Adidas Fornication by lmf


Adidas Fornication

October 16, 2012 at 7:37pm

we dine on a devine meal ,
you drive all the way,
you feed me dessert,
eye contact is intense,
Your bulge throbs
with every lick of my lips,
I brush my hand over yours when the waiter drops the bill,
You say, I got this.
I smile and raise my hundred dollar bill,
You grin turining my hand over it brushing it with your lips while mouthing, “I said and mean I got this.”
we walk under the purple setting sky
I miss my Jimmy Choo step
You hold my waist to steady my stride
We reach your ride
I change to my black Addidas
Your eyes question,
In an evening dress?
I nod yes as I slip out of Micheal Korr
You groan at the beautiful view
I tell you if you catch me you get it
I book down the parks entrance
Look back your on my heels
I dash up on a big Oak
No sign of him I think
Feel my Nike shorts slide past my soft hip
I gasp you fill my mouth with thrusts
I swallow my pride
Before I know it my silk Ole’s are by my knees
You beg please
I lift out
All four lips pout
The crisp air bites
I put up a fight
My neck snaps back
I see a white light
You dive in
I keep my pace up with you
I never let you hear me weep
You go deeper
Tree scraps my buttocks
You lose it
Fall to the earth
I lay beside you
You have that look all up in your eyes
I fix my shirt
Go in re-wind with my outfit
Stand up
You ask, what?
I say, Adidas
Let me explain four
A. All
D. Day
I. I
D. Dream
A. About
S. Sex
So here I go. By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.