Soak by lmf


Soak by LaShanda MF

Dam, I have that sexual energy where we fucking until we soak the surface with our sweat and I stand over you saying fuck this sexual bliss is the shit.- LaShanda MF

Baby you ain’t hearing what I said,
You laying in this bed taking this Johnson choking,
Eyes closed riding waves of convulsions,
rubbing my warm mound felling the pulsing,
talking put it in your mouth,
like moving is easy from north to south,
you start thrashing in your Ralph Lauren count sheets,
you looking like a flip flopping barracuda out of salt water,
you rush for my mouth to drain it’s fresh water,
your Egyptian features smear in between breaths as you take a plumped nipple,
stroking your tongue on its softness until your sucking on it’s hardness,
you got me balling,
you pluck one then both,
my clams blossoms perks hard as a roses fresh bud,
the dew from my brow gathers heavy from this distress,
I reach out for heaven with my right hand while you take my left to yank your middle 9 hunet inch cane,
catch your breath I whisper,
you ask when,
I yell out chuch!
Our location has changed direction, I’m tryna hold on but that Patron I had earlier said baby let go,
my body moves harder down on your gavel singing “amen”,
Your raspy voice ask me am I ok,
I harshly reply baby bring m that good pain,
we start bucking insane,
I get selfish though I feel you tryna share this,
My arms release I’m about to give it to the heavens raw as I welcome that realness,
in the distance I feel you chasing me to pulling my buttocks apart yelling greedily as you seize up,
baby thank you but I’m already gone,
I’m wet, sweaty, and feeling just dreamy,
come here and let me clean all my cream off your staff,
All my energy is still here for a second round. by LaShanda MF 2013/ 11/25 all poems kept and copy written


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.