5 Special Ways by lmf

5 Special Ways by lmf

Care: I care about you when I drop All of this on you,
tenderize your stiffness with my marinate, Rub it in, Rotate it, Let the moisture seep out, Feel me, Im asking baby, I care, feel me? Squishy sounds coming from our cooking, Making all kinds of messes up in this kitchen. Free: The way our hips hit when we rotate them, You smoked a spiff, I’m tryna smoke this climax, Open up the Venetian blinds, I want to take flight, Your below me, Ima take off like a 745, Ya legs Boeing baby hold on, Long as my 48 DD’s flyin, I’m bucking off this 9inch clearance. Love: What about love? I got you sangin to this billion dolla punany, Stop talking with your mouth full, Keep up as I twerk this milkiness left, Now dip, Twerking this to the right painting you a new shade to your mustache. Love it, Yeah, you know it bish. Balance: Switch lanes, Feed me baby keep your balance, Im gonna catch every droplet, Make pulse to my heartbeat, Play a small beat on my palate, Ima show you how to get drained, Bathe you still you shine, At this moment you taken, Ima bless you, Ya eyes rolling back, Balance baby, Ride it out… Rock: Now im back in my Cavalier, Ready to start this ignition, My hearts hard as a rock, No care for you now that you’ve dried up, Well, been washed off, We free from each others embrace now, No love lost, Just the time we exhausted then injected into one another, Now I’m back to the reality of life and its insecure balance, The only thing for certain is I’m going to ride Mr. Johnson right here, That and this beating in my chest is like a rock even a bolder being weighed down. By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.

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