Ballin’ by lmf

I lick him like a blowpop
I pop his nuts like cashews
He knows I like to touch
I have to search them jewels
He told me his old lady can’t sip
We both laugh at that broke fact
Toss my hair back
Put this juicy up in the air
Bow down to the sacks
Baby how many dips for ya tea bags
I have that sugar for them
I know he likes that
Keep that wrapper for after
I’m goin half and half all over my petals
I leave a lil for him to peep
He drops 50 for a dare
Ask me to take him deep
Laughs he wants to feel my tonsils
I swallow his daddys genes all with a hard stare
The whites of his eyes gives me my respect
Money drops from his hands like he’s a zombie
He falls back like the beds a landing and him a b-52
I sweep all sap off my lip with one lick
Before I hit the door you gasp you love me
I wink then reply with the 50,”me too.” By LaShanda MF

Blow-up Becky by lmf

Your kisses warm my heart cavity like a baked homemade apple treat,
Now your gone how am I suppose to cope,
I wake in bed filled with tears,
My body shriveld like a rasin,
Salt water soaked,

We were just two butterflies in the Sedona skies,
Nobody could stop our smiles,
Our sultry emotions setting the mountain aside,
The world we soared thru we ruled,
I knew of only you and I,

Now I stand here feeling like a clown in this void,
I blame me for being so blind,
I was so bland and typical,
All of your intentions never sunk in,
I was just your marked marytr,

Your cushion for your daggers pushin,
I just wanted to be your woman,
I wound up being your boyish pleasure,
Your pastime endeavor,
A climax favor,

A breathing,
Doll. By LaShanda MF copyright2013

R.I.P. by lmf

What you getting mad; you can’t handle that?

I’m out late getting my phatty hit just right,

Miles away with new muse,

We’re running your wallet 100 thousand a night,

Don’t get up boo sit tight,

This new hair doo I whip around like a helicopter propeller in his lap while he drives your Bugati,

You got me good with sister,

Now I’m going mmm,

you with your father,

Step back right there,

My pink glock is off her safety,

Damn the fresh bullets make her so heavy,

Now listen baby I ain’t fooling around with you ima woman scorn,

Tonight I’m going to make your mama and that hussy my ex bff friend morn,

This will be the last time you ever cheat on me boo, don’t cry,

Stop snotting you got me tripping,

Just one more time?

Zip those pants back up,

Oh damn, For the last time… Put my skirt down,

Not my neck…

Boy, that’s my spot!


I’m shot! Hold up, this ain’t right…by LaShanda MF 

Get a Grip by lmf

When the sun rises my heart reaches out to beat just for you,

Just to know you have rose with the next shine of a new day blesses my soul to believe,

I need you to walk these lazy days,

You should know what you mean to me,

I work everyday to show you my gratitude,

Without you touching me to be the one to be with you I would have faded in the shadows,

When I caress your thighs my senses open,

I engage in the exhilaration of satisfying you turning me out,

Your orders make my body sway,

My jaws relax,

Take in your joy -stick I submit to your commands,

I go numb,

Ride ya waves as you swivel your stallion hips,

As your voice roars, I prepare to pop this punani,

Legs raised, Showtime,

The legs go up, And your in there,

Go hate on it now?

Stand up in it! Bitch blow this!

You better show me your my KING,

You better stand up in it,

The bed going up, down,



Now we on the damn ground,

mafucka now I’m on top?

You talked slick now ima make you cash in your healthcare!


This is our love ima goin in!

Ima end this with ya thumb in ya mouth and you passed the hell out!

Ima have you say baby I LOVE YOU KEEP KILLING ME!


Get a grip I love you. By LaShanda MF

Fan by Lmf

Blow me,

Silence is moving me away from this,

My mind’s going with this current then the next,

Is this what’s in store for us overtime,

No, I can’t go over like this,

When we connected tell me what I missed,

I thought we was blowing on medium,

Our mode might of been on a higher speed,

I’m finding I don’t need your speed,

I’m ready to turn it off,

But you can’t make up love,

This is not just about sex,

The heat is real,

It can’t be cooling off,

I’m trying to get to you but I get silence,

My heart needs guidance,

It just pounds pain it’s twisted,

Like a fan off so be it. By LaShanda M.F.

Erotic Poems and Sensual Delights by lmf

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